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The Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Program is an interdisciplinary master’s degree program in the University of Michigan’s Department of Mathematics and Department of Statistics.  Our Quant students come to us from institutions all over the world and graduate with the skills to solve real world financial problems as quantitative analysts, financial engineers, risk managers, and more.

Israel is a second-year graduate student pursuing dual degrees in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management and Applied Statistics. He has a bachelor’s …

2018 Cohort

Rui studied at Sun Yat-Sen University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and applied mathematics. During his internship at Guosen Securit …

2019 Cohort

Jessie Yang is a second-year graduate student in the Quantitative Finance and Risk Management program. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Information a …

2018 Cohort

Jason Wang is a member of the Michigan Quant Program’s 2019 cohort. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Financial Engineering from Wuhan University. Hi …

2019 Cohort

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