Who Should Apply?

We eagerly accept applications from students of all quantitative majors, including mathematics, statistics, physics, engineering, computer science, and economics. While the coursework for the master’s program in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management is very rigorous and requires a high level of mathematical preparation, we also believe that talented students will excel no matter their background. Therefore, there may be some flexibility in our prerequisites for students who are otherwise exceptionally well-qualified.

Coursework generally required includes:

  • Advanced Calculus
  • Linear Algebra
  • Probability
  • Ordinary Differential Equations
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Analysis
  • Programming (Matlab and/or C/C++)

Also valued:

Financial Mathematics

Test Scores and GPA

GRE: For the Fall 2022 application season and onwards, the GRE general test is required for all applicants except for U-M undergraduates majoring in mathematics.

TOEFL: For international students, Rackham Graduate School sets and enforces the guidelines regarding minimum requirements English proficiency. Please review their policy here to determine whether you need to submit a test score. If you are unsure whether you meet the criteria for an exemption, please contact us at for guidance.

The minimum TOEFL score for those required to submit it is 95 (or 7 for the IELTS). Applications from students with TOEFL scores below 95 and who are not exempt from the Graduate School’s English proficiency requirement will still be reviewed, but will be at a significant disadvantage. Rackham Graduate School prevents the Quant Program from admitting students who are required to but do not submit a score, as well as those whose scores do not meet the university’s minimum of 84. 

GPA: To account for the diversity of academic systems and grading scales, we do not enforce a minimum GPA. However, competitive applicants possess credentials that demonstrate superior academic performance.

Learn more about the kind of applicants we look for by meeting our current students and reviewing our class profiles: