The Quant Program learned recently that one our of first graduates, Ms. Qiao Duan, was promoted to the role of ETF Portfolio Manager at the age 26, making her among the youngest women in the industry to take on the role. Her

Qiao Duan as a Quant student in 2016

employer, Exponential ETFs, is an Ann Arbor-based exchange-traded fund issue that manages the American Customer Satisfaction ETF (ACSI) and the Reverse Cap Weighted U.S. Large Cap ETF (RVRS). Ms. Duan initially interned with Exponential ETFs during the summer of 2016 while working toward her master’s degree in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management. She joined the company full-time in February 2017.

Ms. Duan entered the Quantitative Finance and Risk Management program in Fall 2015 and one was on the first 18 students to enroll in the program. She graduated from the Quant Program in December 2016 with a GPA above 4.0 and was awarded the Quant Program Merit Scholarship.

In a profile on Ms. Duan from October 2017, she credits the Quant Program with helping her adjust to life in the United States, saying, “The whole quantitative finance program helped me. The professors and staff were supportive of us international students. Whether it was academic or personal matters, they were willing to help.”