Jiutao Yu

2021 Cohort

Financial Modeling | Programming | Stochastic Analysis

Graduating from Nanjing University and majoring in Financial Engineering, my short academic career already spans across Finance, Mathematics, Economics, Computer Science, Statistics, Engineering and Accounting. Though I wasn’t a student in the Math Department as undergraduate, I have taken enough math courses purely out of interest to prepare myself to conquer any problems I’ll meet as a grad student. Even so, attending an abstract algebra course convinced me that pure mathematics is not for me. Instead, I’m honestly pleased to get my hands dirty with applied math and focus on numerical modeling.

Now in the future, I’d like to become a quantitative researcher so that I can leverage what I’ve learned in class to accomplish my professional goals, and this is one of the most important reasons that inspires me to pursue Quantitative Finance at the University of Michigan.

Apart from academic performance, I’ve served as team leader in the Admissions Office at Nanjing University, leader of a social practice program, an enthusiastic volunteer in the Volunteer Association and an intern at CITIC Securities. Doing these extracurricular activities has helped me to be an outgoing person and keeps my enthusiasm towards trying new and unfamiliar things. Through these activities, I’ve also gained dozens of friends who have introduced me to the world of table card games, though sometimes I wonder whether this is a good or bad thing. | LinkedIn | Resume