Seth Kelley

2021 Cohort

Portfolio Management

I graduated from Gonzaga University in the Spring of 2021, where I received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with minors in Physics and Applied Mathematics.

I am excited to be studying in the Quantitative Finance and Risk Management program at the University of Michigan for the curriculum’s emphasis on random variable modeling. This program presents a fantastic opportunity to diversify my toolkit with relevant statistical and mathematical skills for guiding me one step closer to becoming a successful portfolio strategist.

Among the many things that I am interested in studying, tail risk hedging is at the top. I have come to appreciate the enormous asymmetric risk return opportunity that is presented during liquidity dashes in collapsing markets. I would love the opportunity to work with a firm that utilizes these strategies in their day-to-day portfolio management.

Outside of my scholastic and career related activities, I always find a way to stay active. I love going to the gym or practicing my game out on the golf course. I also known for my steadfast dedication to a good cup of coffee and catching up on the latest events that have transpired in the financial markets. | LinkedIn | Resume