Shichun (Lesley) Li

2021 Cohort

Data Science | Machine Learning | Quant Research

I am a graduate student in the Quant Program at the University of Michigan. I earned my bachelor’s degree in financial mathematics from University of International Business and Economics. I‘m good at mathematical and statistical modeling with the ability to perform data analysis. During my internship as a Quantitative Researcher Intern for Wealth Engine Technology Company in Beijing, I developed a strong interest in the application of machine learning and data science in the financial field. My immediate goal is to seek a quantitative analyst internships for summer 2022.

Career Interests: Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Financial Modeling

Programming Languages: Python, R, C++, MatLab

Special Accomplishments: Scholarships for three consecutive years; Outstanding Winner (top 0.25%) in the American Mathematical Contest in Modeling Contest 2020; Provincial First Prize in the China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling | LinkedIn | Resume
Headshot of Shichun Li